The Curse of Entropy on Your Codebase (or how to stay productive)

Is your code base becoming harder to work with? Does it take longer to implement features than it used to? Are your tests getting in the way of implementing new features? Your code base is, more than likely, increasing in entropy. What is entropy? Entropy is a measure of disorder, or multiplicity in a system. [...]

Growing Ideas on Portfolio Boards

Ideas grow. Scope creeps. Before we know it, we have some rampant behemoth that encompasses everyone’s area of concern. At the same time though the rapid growth omits loads of useful stuff, and ends up giving patchy coverage of a diverse range of requirements. Wouldn’t it be great if we could keep our idea small, [...]

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How many tests should I write?

When a team comes under pressure to get software delivered, quite often any effort spent writing tests is seen as detracting from the delivery push. It’s easy to understand why this is, because tests are just more code. So we could write less code, and get the product out quicker, right? Luckily, even teams that [...]

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Technical Investment Vehicle

When I got my second job, at a startup web design agency, I remember being very happy with the raise in my salary. I was ever so pleased, but the smile faded when I realised I couldn’t defer my student loan payments any more. It was the first time I experienced the pain of working off debt. In [...]

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